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 Relax, nurture and restore your natural beauty and health through the power of the healing arts. 

My name is Andrea, and I have over 2 decades of experience in the wellness space. After suffering from a facial palsy, I wished to rehabilitate my facial features naturally. By aligning myself with ancient healing facial care I was able to restore harmony, form and function, reaching the root cause of my facial injury. My personal journey was the inspiration that became my professional calling, leading me on the most beautiful journey to become a facial therapist! 

I am a Dien Chan Facial Reflexologist, Holistic Facialist, Skin Specialist and Registered Holistic Nutritionist. I am deeply passionate and devoted to my craft of holistic facial and nutritional care, driven to provide my clients with incredible and sustainable skin, beauty and health treatments that offer profound and lasting results! Bestowing the skin, facial structures and body with remarkable pro ageing benefits.

I am here to assist you in your quest to be the most beautiful you, working with pure, ancient health and beauty modalitities.

Andrea featured in The Toronto Star…

“Andrea Fairborn is a true original and one of the best practitioners in the city. She fuses Dien Chan (facial reflexology) therapy with gua sha, facial massage and buccal massage for an extraordinary experience.”

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My Treatment Offerings

Dien Chan Facial Reflexology

Auricular Therapy/ Ear Seeding

Gua Sha 

Kansa Wand

Facial Cupping

 Sculptural Face Lifting & Buccal Massage 

HP Method & SFL Technique 

Osteopathy Facial Aesthetics

Tsuboki Japanese Facial Massage

Beauty Kin Taping

Holistic Nutriton Counseling 


Hand Reflexology

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Andrea Fairborn

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